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Rodin My Sculptor Bae

March 4, 2017

I spent most of my time of the V& A in the sculpture section, The rest i was window glancing. Mainly because of my personal love for Sculpture. The museum does good to give justice and space to each piece.Especially does good to give justice to Rodin’s individuality. I spent a good bit looking at Rodin’s Muse. Drew her a couple of times. Apparently most of these pieces were donated by Rodin himself in 1914 , 3 years before he died. Camille Claudel was the basis of this piece, Rodins most prominent muse. The museums general vibe as an institution can instantly say it’s a backbone in this English cultures prowess. It’s a harboring point for the worlds bits and pieces they have managed to collect. As a discipline this design and this institution should be cherished, well obciously to them they should cherish it, because the founders of this come from an island far from the rest of the world. One could say.. who the hell gives them the right to take all this? Despite the fact some was donated. This is coming from a non nationalistic Egyptian, who is kidna pissed off we don’t have our rosetta stone in our home.Yet I am also extremely relieved that anything here is under good condition. Unlike tutankhamun’s beard that was put back together with janitors glue because it was knocked off. Absolutely disgraceful. So sure, let this institution be the remanent of a colonial civilization. Itll be the only good remain of that empire.

The piece was made between 1896-97 in France, Rodins home country.

Rodins one of those artists that anything hes made just echoes the rest of what hes made. So although this piece the “Inner voice” the muse is a to be seen by itself, I don’t just see it, I see the hands, that made the gates of hell, the burghalis of Calais. Thr process he uses throughout his work of clay and bronze casting. You can see it all, his prints and rough and tough approach to his art making. Almost like love making I say. It doesn’t give any information about this pieces addition to the market shift. Id estimate this piece going well in the tens of millions at auction. It’s a cherished piece of this museum, yet im sure is nothing in comparison to the louvres collection of Rodins pieces. Im glad this was only a donation and Rodin did not seek anything out of it. Id like to think his mentality as an artist was at its peak before his death, and finance and being advertised was the least of his concerns.


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