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Alexander McQueen Coat

March 5, 2017

​This is the piece that I want to talk about.

It’s a suit from Alexander McQueen. Designed in the UK made in Italy in 1997.

The people who wear them are mostly rich people hence the price of the coat is very expensive (most of coats from McQueen are around 900-3000 pound). It often sold in luxury shopping malls like Harrods and Selfridges. McQueen’s advertisements are everywhere; from the best fashion magazines like Vogue to Bus stops, and of course the famous Selfridges windows.

From this piece I think what the museum trying to say about itself as an institution is that they collect the best pieces in Britain and show it to public. Which I think it also why museum choose to exhibit so many Alexander McQueen’s products rather than Coco Chanel to exhibit because this sense of britishness.

This suit is placed in the first cabin on the right hand side of the main entrance, which shows how important this piece is.

I always believe Alexander McQueen has this very strong link with the museum since the Show; the McQueen’s show at the V&A few years ago was one of the most influential exhibitions in the museum history. McQueen’s exhibition made V&A more popular; V&A made McQueen’s clothes better know. These two “brands” helped one and other it was a great win-win situation. “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty will dominate the agenda for the first half of 2015-16, and is likely to be our most commercially successful exhibition ever.” This is I quoted from the V&A Annual Report and Accounts 2014-2015.

Therefore, I think the reason why V&A show so many McQueen’s products in the fashion gallery is because not only McQueen’s is one of the most iconic British fashion designer in early 21th century but also the business tie between these two companies. (Because V&A is not fully funded by the government anymore, the main source of income is from their exhibitions, subscription fee and charities.)

In conclusion, I believe that after the government stopped the funding towards the museum the museum have to think other ways to survive, the museum even start to charge fees to wards visitors to view certain shows. I thought it might sounds bit sad when we compare to the way how the museum run few decades ago to now. But I think overall the museum is doing good and still contributing to the society.

The museum become more flexible after they start running by themselves, if its still under the government’s contrail they will not be able to do the Friday V&A late event, they will not be as efficient as they are running now, because we all know that the draw back of state run compare is they don’t have such motivation to maximize their productivity where as private companies are often more efficient from economy side of view. That is what I see from the Alexander McQueen’s suit, it’s a symbol of trade, business and freedom.


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