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March 5, 2017



“ Design is a mirror to our society: what we buy,how things are made, how we solve problems. The things in this gallery are evidence of social,political,technological and economic change, and they show that objects mean more than their sometimes modest material value. ”

-in the description of RAPID RESPONSE COLLECTING

The museum displays the objects in this gallery in direct response to important moments in the recent history of design and manufacturing such as the virtual reality headset, the mobile phone which is used specially in Ghana and the publications and etc. The up-to-the-minute object displayed in this collection is ‘KNITTED HAT’ was worn in the Women’s March on Washington on 21 January 2017.


In this essay, I would examine the historical meaning of design by observing the way this object is narrated and also considering the reason why the museum selected right this object in the ‘institutional’ level.

To begin with display, the pink colored hat named ‘Pussy Power Hat’ is placed on show with image that describes vividly how many people wore this hat on Women’s March and sketch named ‘Thank You Note’. The museum gives the information about it’s contextual and manufactural backgrounds.

According to the museum says, this hat was knitted by Jayna Zweiman, based co-founder of the Pussycat Project. The Pussycat Project initiators encouraged people to knit hats from a simple pattern disseminated online, and either wear it to the march or donate it to others marching.

This object enable to turn the Women’s March into a ’sea of pink’ striking visual statement of solidarity.

The museum points the hat’s cat ear shape out to visitors which is meaningful in terms of pasquinade. It mentions that how this shape criticize the infamous recording of Trump, released during the 2016 US presidential election campaign, in which he claimed to ‘grab[women] by the pussy’,a claim he later put down to ‘locker room banter’. It also refers to how it was shared to gain global popularity.


Turning to more details about the context of artifacts, Women’s March occurred the day after US President Donald Trump’s inauguration. This social movement is not just for women. The mission of Women’s March is that to stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities and the strength of our country. Load of people from man and families to celebrities participated to represent their strong will and raise their voice.


In this point, the ‘Pussy power hat’ is not just new design of fashion or symbol of historical meaningful moments. The object has been meaningful and valuable to be displayed in terms of this: ‘Pussy Cat Hat’ is the process and experience how they think and share that to make changes.

And in turn, the museum should show and narrative how we live today and what we might do tomorrow by collecting and displaying in the most proper way.




David Mack, “The Women’s March On Washington Will Also Teach Women How To Run For Office”,BuzzFeedNEWS, Jan. 6, 2017


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